About Us

Welcome to SS Khan Power Engineering Ltd  – one of the infrastructure and engineering industry leaders in Bangladesh. We are pleased to introduce ourselves as SS khan Power Engineering Ltd which is a prominent name as constructor, assembler, importer and service provider in the arena of Auto Bricks Making industry, Concrete Block Industry, Wheel Loader, Forklift, Loader, Excavator, Dredger, Sub-station, Generator, Solar System, LED Light(Tube & Bulb), True on-line UPS etc in Bangladesh. We also work on product installation, testing, commissioning servicing, repair and maintenance.

SSKPEL is committed to supply the quality products to its customers at affordable prices. We are also the provider of raw material rolling processing, fitness controlling of raw materials, scientific ingredients matching, mechanical aging facilities, vacuum extrusion molding machine, automatic palletizing system, energy saving tunnel kiln to make sure that the project is with advanced design, highly efficient and reliable investments, complete and convenient management, long term stable benefits, to ensure the factory owners produce economic benefits as soon as possible.

Reputed for successfully completing noteworthy projects, we pride ourselves in providing flexible, cost-effective and on-time solutions for our valued clients. Every time. 

We have a strong reputation for delivering high quality projects and services, in addition to liaising closely with our valuable partners to produce the best possible outcomes for clients, staff and the environment.

Supported by an impressively advanced and innovative technology with the best experienced and overseas trained engineers, we have the professionalism and motivation to operate anywhere in the Bangladesh, and the capability to overcome even the most challenging site conditions. 

Through our concerted initiatives over the years, we have raised the industry benchmark and are today a respected name in our sphere of business.  

I would like to take this privilege to express my profound gratitude for your continued support for SS Khan Power Engineering Limited successfully continuing  business in Bangladesh in the arena of Auto Bricks Making Industry, Concrete Block Industry, Wheel Loader, Forklift, Sub-station, Generator, Solar System, LED Light, Project Management and Project Maintenance.

In order to sustain our business potential, we always respond swiftly to all opportunities offered by the fast-changing economic landscape. Our strategic development plans are ambitious, broad, well considered and focus on building success and developing new themes. I believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it, so we are actively seeking opportunities, with the aim of building the local footprint.

We aim for perfection in everything we undertake, and we have a commitment to excel. It is the determination to transform every challenge into an opportunity, to seize every opportunity to ensure progress and grow with a human face that drives us.

As we are targeting to propel growth based on technological capabilities, competitive advantage, strong project management skills, excellent pre-qualification credentials, integrated execution capabilities, we will continue to lead the way. We are here to generate hope and confidence by blazing new ideas and living up to our promise that “We are committed to convert every challenge into an opportunity.”