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April 29, 2019
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Clay Brick Machine/Raw Material Process

Process Description:After physical testing and chemical analysis, the raw material will be sent to the crusher and grinder machines, to make sure the plastic will meet the fired bricks requirements.


A.Feeder-Delivery System

Equipment: Excavator/Bulldozer – Loader – Feeder- Metering Feeder


A1 Feeder

Equipment for conveying materials, SSKPEL provides strongly support weight caterpillar and belt conveyor feeders.

Caterpillar Conveyor Feeder 


 Equipmentautomatic timing and quantitative, adjustable speed, continuous feeding, Large loading capacity

A2 Metering coal feeder

This device is able to complete the continuous coal feeding, which integrates the material feeding, screening, ratio controlling, distribution, etc.

EquipmentLarge reserves with metering accuracy, the entrance size is available for the large size loader, saving the labor expenditure.


A3 Metering water feeder

Automatic controlled by computer center, analysis the real-time sensor data of material, to adjust the water flow automatically.

                                      Irons                                                                                                                                      Materials 


B  Pulverizing systems

For different size and strength of materials, choosing the properly equipment to refine the raw material.

Note: full specification types options

EquipmentCrusher-Grinder-Roll crusher


B1 Crusher

To simulate the animal’s two jaws to complete the crushing, using the Shale as the main material should be equipped this machine. The highest pressure will reach 320MPa.

                                                             Jaw Crusher                                                                                        Schematic Diagram 


Note: full specification types options

Equipment: After thermal treatment, high strength, available for 100mm to 500mm raw material, large crushing ratio, even granularity; simple structure and convenient maintenance.


B2 Crusher (Hammer crusher、Impact crusher Duplex crusher )

Mainly been used for crushing solid materials, such as coal gangue and hard shale.


                                                              B2-1 Hammer crusher     B2-2 Impact crusher       B2-3 Duplex crusher 



Equipment: Though the hardening and tempering process, improve its strength, durable and stable, national patent products with large output and high efficiency, 80% the granularity3mm.


B3  Twin-Roll Crusher

For crushing the clay and the soft shale in the brick making process, the soft plastic and the high moisture raw materials which are difficult to be processed.

Equipment: Reliable, simple maintenance and low running costs.

Note: full specification types options


C  Mixing system

Improving the plasticity of materials to meet the requirements of bricks.

Equipment: Twin-shaft mixer (C1) /Twin-shaft reinforced mixer (C2).

Note: full specification types options

Equipment: The whole steel mold structure with the appropriate transmission box, stable gear transmission and constant speed ratio; Using The clamping coupling leads to the very convenient maintenance and operation; Wear-resisting mix blade installed on the welding seat, no perforation on the main shaft, high strength and stiffness, durable and reliable.