Clay Brick Machine/Bricks Setting & Delivery System

April 29, 2019
Clay Brick Machine/Drying &Baking Process
April 29, 2019
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Clay Brick Machine/Bricks Setting & Delivery System

The raw bricks will carry into the kiln after stacking well regulating on the kiln cars.

  1.  Setting system

Equipment: Brick turning machine – Conveyor – bricks pusher – setting machine


H1  brick turning machine (for perforated bricks only)

The cutting place of the perforated bricks are very weak and easy broken , turning it over and erected, will reduce the damage.

H1.1  ZTFP –  Bricks turning machine (For hollow bricks)


Equipment: Steady operate, 8000-9000 perforated bricks per hour, high efficiency.

(Brick turning machine)

H2  Step grouping machine

Equipment: Synchronous operation and precise.

H3  bricks pusher



H4  Setting machine

This equipment controlled by the mechanical, pneumatic, electric, calculated by computer center, accuracy and intelligence, automatic stacking. It’s suitable for the one time stacking, twice setting tunnel kiln cars, dryer cars. The stacking type as per the requirements.

Special: 4 national patents technologies, quick, accurate and high efficiency; Using the international high quality accessories, reliable control, stacking capacity up to 36 thousand per hour, stability and safety, no pollution, also energy conservation, etc. This equipment is the preferred type of brick tunnel kiln to solve the problem of setting. Multiple specifications can be applied to 1.5m-7m tunnel kiln.



  1.  Transport system

Equipment: Kiln car – Light rail – Tractor – ferry – ferry pusher


I1.  Kiln car

As an important transportation equipment in the process of brick burning, the quality and operation of the kiln car will directly affect the production efficiency and product quality.

The refractory: to separate the high temperature from the steel part.

The steel part: The weight bearing part.

Kiln cars under construction


4)Equipment: Designed as requirements, reasonable, durable, safety and reliable.


I2   Light rails and accessories

It can save labor cost and improve transportation efficiency for laying track.

I3 tractor                                         I4 ferry                                      I5 ferry pusher