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April 28, 2019
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April 29, 2019
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AAC Production-Process Flow:

1. Storage and Feed Of Block Raw Materials

Raw materials are transported into the factory by automobile, and fly ash concentrated in raw materials field, and both raw materials and fly ash are into the hopper with the loading when used. Bagged cement or bulk cement stored in the cement silo. The bagged cement is transported into the hopper with loading when used.Chemicals and aluminum powder and so on restore respectively in the chemical storage and aluminum library and shipped separately to production workshop when using.


2. Raw Materials Processing of Block

Fly ash is sent into the ball mill through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder and belt conveyor, and grinding fly ash after fly ash pump is sent to the slurry pot and store there.

Lime is sent into the jaw crusher for crushing through electromagnetic vibrating feeder and belt conveyor machine, limestone after crushing advancing into lime storage by bucket elevator, then advancing into the ball mill through spiral conveyor, the material after fine grinding advancing into the powde mixing tank through spiral conveyor and bucket elevator.

ccording to certain proportion after artificial measurement, chemicals is made from a solution of certain concentration and stored into the storage tank.

Aluminium from aluminium base to production workshop, electric hoist ascend to the batching floor on the second floor into agitator in quantitative add water, stir into aluminum powder suspending liquid


3. Batching, Mixing, Pouring of Aerated Block

Lime and cement are sent to automatical measuring scale in turn for cumulative measurement through spiral conveyor under powder mixing tank, and the spiral conveyor under measuring scale can add the material evenly into pouring agitator.

Put fly ash and waste slurry in the measuring cylinder for measuring, on the condition that material measurement finished and mold is already in place, then fly ash and waste slurry processing slurry stirring, before pouring slurry meeting the process requirements (about 40 ℃), if the temperature is not enough, processing steam heating under slurry measuring tank, before 0.5 ~ 1 minute of pouring, adding aluminum powder suspending liquid into the material.

  1. Elementary Curing and Cutting of Aerated Block

The mould after pouring is pushed in elementary curing room with conveyor chain, with the room temperature of 50 ~ 70 ℃ and time of 1.5-2 hours(according to advantageous geographical advantages, the process can be removed), and then mould frame and rough-body are hung together on the cutting table of kettle basepallet that is put in advance. After removing frame, cutting machine is carried out transverse, longitudinal cutting, milling head on the rough-body, mould frame hanging back to mold carriage manual cleaning and degreasing, then the crane to group the next injection mold, die car cut after the body along with the kettle bottom pulley in the kettle on two layers of pattern, and interlayer has four support, a number of tank car as a set.

Marginal waste of rough-body when cutting is sent into the waste slurry loops of stirring machine through and then can be used in batching after adding water and turning into the waste slurry.


5.Aerated Block Stream-pressure and Making Products

Marshalling of rough body is completed in front of the kettle stop line, opening the autoclaved kettle door which will be out of the kettle, first pulling out the finished product tank car inside the kettle with winch, and then pulling prepared kettle car into autoclaved kettle for maintenance with winch. Manufactured products on the kettle car crane to the finished products warehouse by bridge crane, then transport to the finished product storage area by fork lift, shipping department, and then use to, and the kettle bottom empty kettle car and kettle basement craning back to the return line and back to the code frame for the next cycle after cleaning up with winch.